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New member HausWerk in SPCleantech

 |  Category: SPCleantech News

We welcome a new member of SPCleantech, HausWerk, a company that produces modern and energy-saving prefabricated houses that are an innovation on many levels – from concept, through implementation, to finishing.

HausWerk houses are made of certified KVH wood in the heavy German construction system, which ensures their durability and stability, but also energy efficiency and health and environmental friendliness. All of them are designed and precisely manufactured in our own production hall with a machine park, thanks to which the best quality and price are guaranteed.

HausWerk started its activity as part of the PalettenWerk group – a leading company in the wood industry and one of the largest producers of wooden pallets in Europe. It has been operating for 30 years and serves both global corporations and local customers. Thanks to the reputation, stability and annual increases, we constantly invest in the development of the offer and our proprietary technology for the production of prefabricated houses in the heavy German system.

The company’s activity on the house construction market began with two intensive years of a research and development project carried out in cooperation with the Cracow University of Technology and the Małopolska Energy-Efficient Building Centre, as well as experts and representatives of industry institutions. The result of these works was the creation and patenting of solutions that ensure, on the one hand, stability and durability of the structure, and, on the other hand, energy efficiency that exceeds the accepted standards, while reducing construction time.

As part of the project, the assembly hall and warehouse were equipped with a rich machine park, which allowed for the automation of production and the creation of elements of prefabricated houses with the highest precision. For its activities in the field of science and entrepreneurship, HausWerk has been awarded numerous prizes compared to other research projects and recognized as one of the best implemented projects of this type.

The company is an active member of leading industry associations related to energy-saving wooden construction, including the Galician Chamber of Construction, the Energy Efficient Ready Houses Association and the SPCleantech Cluster.

The company takes responsibility for the entire construction, limiting the client’s involvement to the minimum necessary.

The HausWerk coordinator provides:

  • Ongoing contact with the investor
  • Contracting subcontractors
  • Coordination, supervision and acceptance of works
  • Purchase of building materials
    Financial settlement
  • Transport and logistics
  • Development and control of the construction schedule

HausWerk prefabricated houses are made entirely in own production plant, and their erection to the shell can be shortened even to 3 months from the start of assembly work. This means that compared to standard construction, company shortens the entire process by 80%. The speed of erecting houses ensures that the construction site is quiet and orderly for most of the implementation time. Materials delivered just in time secures a whole lot of headaches, such as the influence of weather conditions or the risk of their theft or devastation. In addition, the predictability of costs gives the customer a sense of comfort and financial security, from conceptual work to handing over the keys.