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New member HRPanorama in SPCleantech

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We welcome new member of SPCleantech, HRPanorama, which has created a platform – a tool that streamlines basic HR processes, automates and simplifies approval cycles with one click. Intuitive and friendly user interface makes tedious tasks easier. HRPanorama offers tools that will help at every stage of an employee’s life, from the moment of issuing a job offer, through friendly and engaging onboarding, storing employee information and documents, recording working time and absences, ending with offboarding.

HRPanorama allows the company to plan personnel costs more effectively and leads to increased efficiency in making HR decisions.

The platform combines the advantages of many tools, and is also easy to use and implement in any company. All parts of the system work together to create one cohesive environment. As a result, the user saves time and money.

HRPanorama is the result of over 15 years of experience on the Polish HR market. The system is used by both large corporations and small businesses. The company knows the needs of HR departments, follows trends and is adapted to changing legal requirements.

The HRPanorama approach is:

The key task for us is to make HR Panorama best suited to the needs of our clients. We listen carefully to their voices and develop our system taking them into account.

Friendly interface
The company wants employees to want to use HR Panorama, and not treat it as a necessary evil. Therefore, efforts were made to simplify and automate processes wherever possible.

Modernity and security
The company keeps its finger on the pulse so that the system keeps up with trends and at the same time ensures the security of customer data.

HRPanorama is an HRIS/HRMS type system that effectively supports the HR department or helps to outsource it, while maintaining full control over the data of employees and candidates.

What is HRIS (Human Resources Information System)?
HRIS (Human Resource Information System) means Human Resources Information System. HRIS provides features that support the HR department in a wide range of tasks, from finding and hiring employees to managing the organization. HRIS will support both HR managers and employees, recruiters, new hires and long-term team members.

HRPanorama allows the company to plan personnel costs more effectively and leads to increased efficiency in making HR decisions.

Benefits of using a HRIS system?
Thanks to the appropriate HRIS system, you can track changes in everything related to employees: attendance, pay rises, pay groups, positions held, training, etc.

The second issue is compliance. This includes identification material for employees in the event of misconduct, first contact information in the event of an accident, citizen identification information for the tax office and expiration dates for mandatory certificates. Another reason is efficiency. Having all this information in one place not only helps increase accuracy but also saves time.

The final benefit is the ability to offer self-service HR for staff and managers. This allows employees to manage their own affairs.