SPCleantech is a network of cooperating entities related to Cleantech industry, that combine their resources, knowledge and skills in order to achieve common goals.
The main goal of SPCleantech is to create a dynamic ecosystem that encourages the exchange of knowledge, promotes innovation and drives economic growth and competitiveness of its members.
Here are some of the main benefits of membership in innovative SPCleantech cluster:

  • Cooperation and networking 
  • Access to resources
  • Exchange of knowledge and training
  • Innovation and research 
  • Joint promotion and marketing
  • Institutional support 
  • Solving common problems

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SPCleantech supports actions taken to reduce the negative impact on the natural environment and to ensure a more sustainable and ecological approach to economic activity, as well as regarding the use of modern digital technologies to optimize business processes, increase efficiency and improve competitiveness.

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Ordinary members of the South Poland Cleantech Cluster can be Cleantech companies, universities, research institutions and scientific organizations, public authorities and NGOs, that want to become part of an exclusive club of entities operating in the Cleantech.

Participation in the cluster is also open for foreign entities that meet the conditions for membership.

The annual membership fee is dependent on the size and the annual turnover members of the cluster and amounts Net:

Type                   Size                  Annual Turnover net             Annual contribution

Micro           <10 persons               <2 million euro                                 1 500 pln.

Small           <50 persons               <10 million euro                                2 500 pln.

Medium       <250 persons            <50 million euro                                3 500 pln.

Large           >250 persons             > 50 million euro                               5 000 pln.

Public entities – municipalities with up to 50 thousand                       3 000 pln.
inhabitants and NGOs

Public entities – cities, municipalities with more than                          5 000 pln.
50 thousand inhabitants, districts, regions, research institutions
and universities, foreign companies and organizations

Benefits from the membership in SPCleantech

  • Placement of logo and link to the members webpage on clusters webpage www.spcleantech.com in the category “About” – “Members” and a short profile of the company or institution
  • Representing and defending the interests of SPCleantech members in the regional, national and European Union arena
  • Expressing opinions on behalf of SPCleantech Members on draft legal acts relating to the functioning of the economy, participation in the preparation of draft legal regulations regarding the conduct of economic and scientific activity of cluster members
  • Participating in shaping the economic, industrial and educational policy of the region, and supporting initiatives and creating conditions conducive to economic development of the cluster members and the region
  • Supporting the process of Poland’s economic integration with the European Union and facilitating cluster members to establish foreign contacts and economic cooperation with foreign partners
  • Presentation of proposals for joint projects, formation of consortia, applications for national programs, ROP, Horizon 2020, COSME, Life, INTEREG and other
  • Developing and coordinating the cooperation in the field of R & D units and universities, especially in the creation of new technologies
  • Participation in research projects (national and international) for innovation in Cleantech and related industries
  • Invitations to meetings with domestic and foreign investors
  • Finding the right partners among the members or external entities, if necessary
  • Access to information on the latest developments and trends in the field of Cleantech
  • Finding mentors or sparring partners in matters of interest to the cluster members
  • Mediation and sharing informations on projects, in which the company is engaged in, on the domestic and international arena through promotional     activities and marketing
  • The right to use the logo of SPCleantech on companys or institutions website and advertising materials in order to show, that the member is part of
    the SPCleantech brand
  • Participation in international relations, events and cluster projects, which create business opportunities for members of the cluster
  • Creating opportunities to export products or services in the field of innovative solutions in the branch of Cleantech in the form of participation in trade
    fairs, missions, etc. organized by SPCleantech
  • Supporting members in recruting skilled workforce
  • Providing access to a variety of workshops and training courses organized by SPCleantech and external partners


Member declares its readiness and willingness to provide their research and scientific facilities, to any other members of the cluster within the framework of joint projects.

Resignations from the membership must be reported to the Board in writing at least 1 months before the end of the membership period.