SPCleantech is a network of cooperating entities related to Cleantech industry, that combine their resources, knowledge and skills in order to achieve common goals.
The main goal of SPCleantech is to create a dynamic ecosystem that encourages the exchange of knowledge, promotes innovation and drives economic growth and competitiveness of its members.
Here are some of the main benefits of membership in innovative SPCleantech cluster:

  • Cooperation and networking 
  • Access to resources
  • Exchange of knowledge and training
  • Innovation and research 
  • Joint promotion and marketing
  • Institutional support 
  • Solving common problems

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SPCleantech supports actions taken to reduce the negative impact on the natural environment and to ensure a more sustainable and ecological approach to economic activity, as well as regarding the use of modern digital technologies to optimize business processes, increase efficiency and improve competitiveness.

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SPCleantech, together with a member of the cluster, the consulting company Habitat, organizes training in business negotiations. Success in business depends on negotiation skills. Increasing the efficiency of the negotiation process in your business environment can translate into measurable financial benefits.

The aim of the proposed training for owners and managers is to organize knowledge about the negotiation process with an emphasis on the practical approach to “table talks” (soft skills).
Proposal of one-day negotiation training workshops thematic scope:

  • what are negotiations in the context of salesman’s work,
  • basic negotiator tools (BATNA, ZOPA, Mech. Communication), • negotiation process and its stages,
  • emotions and methods of managing emotions,
  • selected negotiation tactics,
  • situations when you should not negotiate,
  • addition – the role of persuasion in negotiations

Course of the workshop (agenda):

  • introducing the Participants and the leaders, • defining the workshop contract
  • surprise exercise
  • discussing Negotiation Styles and Strategies, • exercise – Looking for a Job
  • Managing emotions – BATNA
  • exercise – we buy a Golf
  • Managing emotions – Acceptance Mechanism, • discussion of the negotiation process
  • negotiation game
  • discussion of negotiation strategies and techniques
  • persuasion in negotiations
  •  workshop summary

Benefits for the participant:

  • building self-awareness of one’s own negotiation competences – “What can I do and what can’t I do yet?” 
  • gaining knowledge about key negotiator tools and the negotiation process
  • increasing motivation to improve knowledge and negotiation competences
  • acquiring the ability to apply these tools in practice
  • the ability to recognize the strategies and negotiation techniques used
  • the ability to build a negotiation process based on the selected strategy

During the workshops, training methods based on “following the participant” are used because it increases the effectiveness of the learning process and the acquisition of new competences. Therefore, the course itself or the order of the issues raised may be slightly changed.