South Poland Cleantech Cluster

SPCleantech is co-founder of European Alliance for Cross- Industrial Circular Economy Investments (ICEI Alliance) consisting of European clusters and universities. During 2020-2021 there have been held meetings to prepare the establishment of the European Alliance for Cross- Industrial Circular Economy Investments, hosted by the Circular Economy Centre at Digipolis, Kemi, Finland.

The Alliance has for ambition to make Europe the global industrial circular economy platform to accelerate the deployment of world-class circular economy solutions to industry. It acts as a pipeline of business-led circular economy investment projects. Alliance members support businesses with the structuring of their investment cases as well as with accessing funding and financing streams.

More information on ICEI Alliance

  • 1000 realities

    1000 realities is a prize winning software studio focused on Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), creating interactive applications

  • 11th Dimension

    Company uses cutting edge tools to present content in unique, exciting way, creates ads and virtual reality (VR) applications


  • AG System

    AG System provides services for engineering works, water-pipe and sewage network, sewage connections and pump stations.

  • AGH

    AGH University of Science and Technology is one of the best and most renowned modern Polish technological universities.

  • Almine

    Almine is a company offering consul-ting and AI services for Smart Cities and Smart Villages and obtaining business values from satellite data.

  • Alvernia Planet

    Alvernia Planet near Krakow is an entertainment and education park, that uses latest technologies including VR, AR and MR.

  • Anew Institute

    ANew Institute specializes in vertical axis wind turbine design and manufacturing and wind turbine research.



  • APA Group

    APAGroup focuses on the development and implementation of innovative solutions in the field of building automation.

  • Aspen

    Aspen was established to construct and afterwards operate a Bio-ethanol Plant located at Witaszyce near Poznań.

  • ATB

    ATB carries out high-standard residential investments, equipped with all necessary installations and infrastructure.

  • BelmaFlex Polska

    BelmaFlex produces and sells joints and fittings from the plastic material PE-HD (polyethylene). It offers also consultancy.

  • Bjerg Arkitektur

    Danish architect company specializing in the design of energy-efficient and passive houses and sustainable architecture.

  • Blist Capital

    Blist Capital advises and organizes financing for the municipalities to invest in infrastructure and environmental projects.

  • BLOK Architekci

    We design residential buildings, dormitories, office buildings, hotels – comprehensively and analyze the plot’s absorption capacity also.

  • Carbon Footprint Foundation

    Foundation  is a response to the ecological and climate challenges facing the world. Works to build social awareness.

  • CBL

    CBL is a team of West London accountants and tax advisers providing a wide range of accounting, bookkeeping and tax services.

  • Columbus Energy

    CE is a leader on the market of photovoltaic micro-installations in Poland, trusted by over 3,000 clients for its Subscriptions for the Sun.

  • Dimplex Polska

    Dimplex, leader in the implementa-tion of innovative technologies in heating industry, also occupies a recognized place in the ventilation


  • DMS

    DMS provides services in auditing and accounting, book keeping services, handling payroll and human resources and consulting.

  • Electric Drive

    The company provides an innovative ICT platform called B.O.M.T.S. to control & operate complex infrastructures in e-mobility.

  • Energie Cités

    Energie Cités is an NGO organization working since 2009 on local sustainable energy policies and climate protection.


    A company created to revolutionize the way stories are told. Creates 360-degree movies and interactive VR movies (spherical films 360)


    Frapol supplies innovative air conditioning and ventilation systems to domestic and international markets for 27 years.


    Gascontrol Poland operates in the water and sanitation industry, energy and gas industry, commerce and consulting.

  • Gmina Gdów

    Municipality of Gdow is agriculture based on a well-developed network of retail and service with approx. 1 000 businesses.

  • Gmina Klucze

    Rural municipality, counts 15 000 inhabitants and is situated 7 km north of Olkusz and 41 km north-west of the regional capital Krakow.

  • Grupa 4BIM

    Grupa 4BIM supports the implementation of modern solutions, primarily BIM methodology and Agile Management Methods (AGILE)

  • Habitat

    A consulting company with a holistic approach to business. Specialization – increasing sales efficiency (audit, training).

  • Horizone Studio

    Creative and energetic architectural office specialising in design of office and civic buildings as well as residential schemes.


    INTECH PK is managing the commercialization of research results and innovations created at the Cracow University of Technology.

  • Instalatorstwo Sanitarne

    The company operates in the field of sanitary-construction activities include network construction and water supply connections.

  • Institute for Minerals

    The Institute of Polish Academy of Sciences is a research and development institute, leading comprehensive research.

  • IRM

    IRM is a scientific and research institute working with spatial planning, land management and environment shaping.

  • IT for Carbon Footprint

    The foundation was born out of a need to draw attention to the problem of the IT industry’s digital carbon footprint.

  • IWR

    IWR specializes in VR technology, which is creating pictures of artificial reality with the use of digital modeling as well as creating objects

  • Jagiellonian University

    Jagiellonian University in Krakow is the oldest Polish and one of the oldest universities in the world. It was founded in 1364.


    CITTRU is a Jagiellonian University institution established to support development of science and economy and commercialization.

  • JS Consulting

    JS Consulting specializes in obtaining public aid under EU funds and NCBiR for research and development and implementation projects.

  • KiDS&Co

    Nationwide operator specializing in opening and running modern, bilingual corporate and office park kindergartens and créches.

  • Kraków Miastem Startupów

    The goal of KMS is to support startups by building relationships between them and business, government administration and universities.

  • Cracow Univ. of Techn.

    University of Technology works towards creating a national, European and global space for research and education.

  • Leman

    Ukrainian construction company, acting as a subcontractor in Poland, also manages the hire of qualified construction employees.

  • London Studio

    Modern consulting company supporting the development of enterprises and units of state and local government administration.


    Lumico is involved in the comprehen-sive construction of development spaces with steel structures. Offers a basement storage system KELO.

  • MARR S.A.

    MARR is a regional institution acting for the benefit of regional develop-ment shaping the policy of innovative development of the region.


    MAWAT has many years of experience in the construction industry, and has been successfully operating on the development market for several years

  • Mikulski & Wspólnicy

    Law firm specializing in commercial law. Prepare legal opinions, draft transaction documentation and negotiates agreements.

  • MPEC

    The Krakow MPEC provides ecological warmth and coolness, thanks to which it limits low emission from coal furnaces.

  • Na Niby Studio

    Company helps the clients to see their ideas by creating visualisations – virtual photographs of products, interiors and architecture

  • Nilan

    Representative of Danish manufacturer of energy-saving compact heat pumps, recuperators and air handling units and services.

  • Ninja Geeks

    The company has years of experience in both desktop and next generation SaaS applications with a track record to prove companies worth.


    Nonstop specializes in creating scalable banking systems, social-networking websites and video sharing sites.

  • NordicHouse

    NordicHouse is a consulting company providing professional advice and consultancy services (facilitating) to companies.

  • ODA Connect

    Oda Connect AS is a Norwegian recruitment company operating in the region of Møre og Romsdal and Trøndelag with office in Sunndalsøra.











  • Onteon

    Onteon is the microservices platform designed from scratch to be radically reliable, energy efficient and fast 

  • PalettenWerk

    It is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of wooden pallets in Poland. Planning the production of wooden houses.

  • P.B.P “Łęgprzem”

    “ŁĘGPRZEM” is a leading professional engineering company operating in the construction and real estate sectors.


    Podium Park is a complex of 3 interconnected 11-storey intelligent office buildings promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle.


    PRO-INVEST is a high-class specialists of different industries, creating modern facilities, constructions of the XXI century.


    Quest Investment is engaged in trading of metallurgical products as sheets, bars, rods and tubes, profiles, castings and forgings.

  • Gmina Raciechowice

    Raciechowice, municipality in Malopolska concentrating on agriculture (healthy food), tourism and recreation.


    RAFAKO offers design and manufacture of a wide range of boilers, including PC boilers and fluidized bed boilers.

  • Reality Games

    Reality Games is a Polish studio creating innovative mobile games. The studio was created in 2014 and uses Big Data in mobile gaming.

  • Rec Alkaline (FI)

    Rec Alkaline Ltd is developing a method for recycling alkaline batteries, which will raise the recovery rate above 80 percent.

  • Revita Park

    REVITA PARK encourages introducing innovative technology solutions for the production and updating of products and services.

  • Rexton Digital

    RD is an interactive agency creating branding, marketing strategies, applications and much more for companies around the world.

  • RM Filipowicz

    RM FILIPOWICZ is the regional dealer of brands Mitsubishi and Kia with showrooms, warehouses of spare parts and accessories.

  • Slag recycling

    Works with post-industrial land restoration and supply of the highest quality raw materials destined for road building and building industry. 

  • SMS Group

    Manufactures furniture based on individual designs, modern machine park enables creation of complicated furniture series.

  • Spin-us

    SPIN-US is a special purpose company of the Silesian University dedicated to the commercialization of research results.

  • Starostwo krakowskie

    Krakow District was created in 1999 with headquarters in Krakow. It consists of 22 cities and villages and 268 517 inhabitants.

  • STMicroelectronics

    Frech-Italian, biggest in Europe electronics and semiconductor manufacturer headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

  • SUMA Architektów

    SUMA offers services in the field of architecture and interior design. We design, advise and realize the business objectives of our Clients. 


    THERMO-KLIMA specializes in ventilation, air conditioning, heating, gas installations and building automation.

  • TINES Capital Group

    TINES Capital Group is a leading company in the construction and modernization of railway, road and industrial infrastructure.

  • University of Agriculture

    University of Agriculture in Krakow is educating experts in food and forest economies and environmental protection.

  • University of Silesia

    University of Silesia – one of the largest and most dynamically developing Polish universities – was created in 1968.

  • University of Economics

    Cracow University of Economics is the oldest and the largest economic university in Poland in terms of number of students.


    Yabimo is an international construction company in following industries: oil/gas, industrial, infrastructure and ship building.