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On 26.02.2020 shareholder SPCleantech, APA Group organized for the first time the APA Road Show in Krakow. It is a series of meetings with specialists: integrators, designers of low-voltage installations, installers, as well as with business representatives. APA building automation systems and their wide benefits for companies were shown at the meeting.

The APA Road Show is a response to interest in the flagship solutions of the APA Group offer. It is also an initiative that will allow you to reach entrepreneurs and specialists in various regions of Poland to talk about new opportunities, interesting challenges and plans for the future.

The main topic of the event: Nazca BMS
At the meeting, the Nazca BMS building automation platform was shown to the participants. It is a flagship product that the company has been successfully developing for years with a view to broadly understood business. Not only modern platform functionalities are presented, but also huge opportunities in the area of ​​energy saving – Intelligent Energy Optimization Platform is a solution that always arouses a lot of interest due to benefits for companies.

During the meeting, the company showed areas of application and all intentional functionalities of the Nazca platform. Thanks to this, the meeting participants learned what the platform is for, what functions it offers and which of them will work in a particular company or project. The most interesting case studies on implementations of the Nazca platform on the Polish and foreign market were also presented. After the presentations there was time for a Q&A session and discussion.

8 reasons why it was worth meeting

After years of work on technological solutions in the field of building automation and after many completed projects, one thing is known: the best-tailored services are born of careful conversations, discussions and industry meetings.

There was a possibility during the meeting for:

  • Acquaintance with the new point of view on modern building automation;
  • Show how easy and cheap savings can be made in a company;
  • Presenting case studies, thanks to which one knows what errors to avoid when implementing the system;
  • Gaining knowledge on how long the implementation process is going on and how to plan it wisely;
  • Gaining knowledge on optimizing energy consumption;
  • Learning new channels of reaching their clients;
  • Gaining new contacts and meeting interesting people – specialists of the APA Group;
  • Extending its offer with reliable APA building automation systems.