South Poland Cleantech Cluster

SPCleantech is co-founder of European Alliance for Cross- Industrial Circular Economy Investments (ICEI Alliance) consisting of European clusters and universities. During 2020-2021 there have been held meetings to prepare the establishment of the European Alliance for Cross- Industrial Circular Economy Investments, hosted by the Circular Economy Centre at Digipolis, Kemi, Finland.

The Alliance has for ambition to make Europe the global industrial circular economy platform to accelerate the deployment of world-class circular economy solutions to industry. It acts as a pipeline of business-led circular economy investment projects. Alliance members support businesses with the structuring of their investment cases as well as with accessing funding and financing streams.

More information on ICEI Alliance

SPCleantech is one of the founders and partners in European Industrial Circular Economy Investment Alliance. The Alliance was officially started on 11.02.2020 during the meeting in Kemi, Finland. 

1/ Status. An overview of the current state of play:

  1. Preparatory work. Pierre Padilla (N-ABLE) and his team supported DIGIPOLIS and SITRA in the setup of the Alliance, starting from the analysis of business cases and a stakeholder analysis to finally produce a first draft scoping note that materialises the initial ambition of the partnership. Full business analysis is not public yet but provided a strong ground for us to move forward.
  2. First Scoping Note. The first scoping note itself was already amended based on some feedback from a few partners but the message here is that it is meant to evolve as to be a picture of the Alliance, its partners and (most important) its businesses and their needs.
  3. Soft Launch. The soft launch of the Alliance took place in Kemi on 11/02/2020 in presence of keynote officials from the European Commission (Joanna Drake, Deputy Director General of DG ENV; Slawomir Tokarski, Director in DG GROW; Ulla Engelmann, Head of the DG GROW Cluster Unit; etc.). Some of you were present and we wish to thank them for their participation. 

2/ Next Step: Kick-off meeting. Most of the ground ambitions were discussed and built upon the on-boarding process and feedback from the partners. In short, the Alliance will 1) accelerate the structuring of industrial circular economy investment projects and 2) Feed back to policy makers and the financial sector on adjustments needed in funding and financing models and instruments.

To operationalise our common approach and take key decisions (which can only be joint ones), Digipolis is currently organising the Kick-Off Meeting of the Alliance which should take place on 28/05/2020 in Brussels (Belgium). While we are still working on the logistics (venue, etc.) Alliance invites everybody to already save the date in your agenda.

Founding members of the Alliance: