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SPCleantech supports actions taken to reduce the negative impact on the natural environment and to ensure a more sustainable and ecological approach to economic activity, as well as regarding the use of modern digital technologies to optimize business processes, increase efficiency and improve competitiveness.

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Energy renovation of residential buildings in the European Union can lead to significant energy savings and reduce energy consumption by 26%. Despite this, and the programs implemented to promote this process in residential environments in the European Union, the barriers faced by owners and managers, contractors and financial companies to undertake these processes have slowed results. The emergence of One Stop Shops (OSS) promoted by EU directives, as integrated management entities promoting residential energy renovation, appears to be a central element in the development of future strategies.

Cooperation Forum

OSS krk HubRenowacji – Meetings with interested parties

Meetings with interested parties in One Stop Shop (OSS) krk HubRenowacja for residential building renovation stakeholders focuses on discussing various aspects of renovation and providing relevant information regarding the services and processes offered.

Meetings with interested parties in OSS krk HubRenovacje for renovation of residential buildings allows for a more detailed discussion of individual aspects of the renovation process and guarantees a more complete understanding and effective implementation of thermal modernization projects.

Here are some key topics that will be discussed at the next 6 meetings:

  1. Introduction to the OSS krk HubRenovacja project for the renovation of residential buildings and the Cooperation Forum and planning of further activities.
  • Reasons why owners and managers of residential buildings should consider thermal modernization or building renovation
  • Factors preventing owners and managers of residential buildings from making decisions about thermal modernization and renovation of residential buildings
  • Beneficiaries of OSS krk HubRenowacji
  • Benefits for building owners and managers
  • Participation procedures
  • Further activities and capacity building of OSS krk HubuRenowacji

Q&A: Allowing time to ask questions and respond to any doubts or concerns potential customers may have regarding the renovation process and services offered.
Contact and arrange a meeting: Encourage prospects to contact us with additional questions or to schedule a one-on-one meeting to discuss their specific needs and renovation projects.

  1. Thermal modernization of residential buildings

    Thermal modernization is the best way to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and thus achieve energy savings. It involves introducing changes that will reduce heat losses to a minimum. This can be achieved, among others: by additional insulation of the building and improvement of the heating and hot water installations.

  • Types of thermal modernization
  • Thermal modernization of the building step by step
    • energy audit of the building
      • assessment of the technical condition of the building
      • identification of priority areas for thermal modernization
    • thermal modernization by insulating the building
    •  modernization of the heating system and heat distribution system
    • innovative solutions – renewable energy sources
      • photovoltaic systems
      • heat pump
  • Thermal modernization of historic buildings

Contact and arrange a meeting

  1. Available technologies and materials

Presentation of various available building materials and modern technologies that can be used in the renovation process to improve the energy efficiency and aesthetics of buildings.

  • Energy technologies and solutions
    • an overview of modern technological solutions
    • selecting appropriate heating, ventilation and insulation systems
    • issues related to energy efficiency
  • Selection of building materials
    • types of thermal insulation and their properties
    • ecological building materials
    • criteria for selecting materials in terms of durability and efficiency

Contact and arrange a meeting

  1. Legal and regulatory issues

Discussion of all legal and regulatory requirements related to the renovation of residential buildings, such as required building permits, energy efficiency regulations, and local regulations regarding the aesthetics of buildings.

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  1. Costs and financing of building renovation

A detailed discussion of renovation costs and various financing options, such as bank loans, government grants and assistance programs for property owners.

  • discussion of renovation costs
  • various financing options
    • review of available financial programs
    • the possibility of obtaining subsidies, loans and tax breaks
    • application procedures and documentation

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  1. References and case studies

Presenting references and case studies from completed renovation projects to show potential customers the benefits resulting from the thermal modernization and renovation of residential buildings carried out so far.

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Providing comprehensive information about the services offered, the renovation process and financing can help interested building owners and managers make an informed decision and choose OSS krk HubRenowacji as a partner in their renovation project.