SPCleantech is a network of cooperating entities related to Cleantech industry, that combine their resources, knowledge and skills in order to achieve common goals.
The main goal of SPCleantech is to create a dynamic ecosystem that encourages the exchange of knowledge, promotes innovation and drives economic growth and competitiveness of its members.
Here are some of the main benefits of membership in innovative SPCleantech cluster:

  • Cooperation and networking 
  • Access to resources
  • Exchange of knowledge and training
  • Innovation and research 
  • Joint promotion and marketing
  • Institutional support 
  • Solving common problems

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SPCleantech supports actions taken to reduce the negative impact on the natural environment and to ensure a more sustainable and ecological approach to economic activity, as well as regarding the use of modern digital technologies to optimize business processes, increase efficiency and improve competitiveness.

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After visiting Copenhagen, DK and signing the “Letter of Intent” on 06.07.2021 with BLOXHUB, SPCleantech started to create the first sustainable urbanization hub in Poland – urban hub.pl. SPCleantech has partnered with BLOXHUB because the challenges of global urbanization and climate change require partnership and new ways of working together.

Based on the Letter of Intent, SPCleantech has launched a new initiative to create SIG – urban hub.pl (Special Interest Group) in which BLOXHUB in Copenhagen is a strategic partner – the leading European platform for sustainable urbanization. The founders of BLOXHUB are the city of Copenhagen, the Danish Ministry of Industry, Business and Finance and Realdania. SPCleantech is one of over 350 BLOXHUB members.

The leader and coordinator of SIG – urban hub.pl is SPCleantech. If you are interested in participating in this innovative venture, please contact j.kahl@spcleantech.com

The second partner is Munich Urban Colab, a hub created by the German organization UnternehmerTUM and the city of Munich. This state-of-the-art innovation center located in the creative district of Munich on an area of ​​11,000 m2 is the place where corporations, entrepreneurs, scientists, architects, creators and talents come together to work together with the municipality of Munich. The institution provided a unique opportunity for decision-makers to meet these entities under one roof.

urban hub.pl is a national and international meeting place that engages people in architecture, design and sustainable urban development. This is done through exhibitions, debates, events, business development and new partnerships. Here, the door is open to anyone who wants to experience, feel and understand city life – and anyone who wants to participate in professional networks and deep professional environments that develop the sustainable cities of tomorrow. At urban hub.pl, we will create sustainable solutions for the livable cities of the future.

urban hub.pl is an ecosystem for creating cities of the future, and at the same time a space to share ideas, skills and strategies for designing buildings and urban development based on a people-centered approach and high standards of sustainable development, and a membership-based community combining urban development, architecture, design, design, construction, circular economy and digitization.

At urban hub.pl we will include asking questions like:

  • How can innovation in engineering and infrastructure help us design and redesign our cities to become sources of green innovation?
  • How can cities become more resilient in a future of climate unrest?

urban hub.pl aims to integrate the environment through:

CONNECT – an interface for interdisciplinary innovation
SHARE – knowledge sharing and communication on a national and international scale
SCALE – commercial results for the global market
Facilitate co-creation
Partnership – connecting people, sharing knowledge and scaling business through innovative programs, activities, random meetings at the coffee machine

co – operate, co – create, co – innovate, co – work, co – inspire, co – invent, co – design

“Cross-sector collaboration is key to building better cities”

The mission of SPCleantech is to support sustainable and green growth of the region by participating in the creation and implementation of an inclusive green growth policy that can improve the social situation of residents, promoting responsible management of natural resources and respecting the delicate balance on our planet.

BLOXHUB-Letter of Intent