SPCleantech is a network of cooperating entities related to Cleantech industry, that combine their resources, knowledge and skills in order to achieve common goals.
The main goal of SPCleantech is to create a dynamic ecosystem that encourages the exchange of knowledge, promotes innovation and drives economic growth and competitiveness of its members.
Here are some of the main benefits of membership in innovative SPCleantech cluster:

  • Cooperation and networking 
  • Access to resources
  • Exchange of knowledge and training
  • Innovation and research 
  • Joint promotion and marketing
  • Institutional support 
  • Solving common problems

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SPCleantech supports actions taken to reduce the negative impact on the natural environment and to ensure a more sustainable and ecological approach to economic activity, as well as regarding the use of modern digital technologies to optimize business processes, increase efficiency and improve competitiveness.

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SPCleantech, in cooperation with a member of the cluster, the consulting company Habitat, organizes “Management and Leadership” workshops. The aim of the workshops, which are addressed to owners and managers (top and middle level), is to transform managers from “results-focused” to “holistic managers” – seeing the entire organization and understanding the interactions between activities and individuals.

Do you feel reduced motivation of employees?
Do you want to find the causes and effective solutions to the problems you face in your company?
There has been a sudden and significant development of your company, which you have no control over, or vice versa, you feel a significant decrease in turnover and you need new inspiration?

If you have ever faced or are still facing similar challenges in your company, these workshops are just for you!

In difficult times, effective leadership and management are crucial for survival.

During the workshop:

  • you will learn the tools used by effective leaders
  • you will learn about the elements that bind your organization together and those that hinder its development
  • you will start conscious management of trust in you and your company
  • you will learn about the acceptance mechanism, which will significantly increase your effectiveness in communication with clients, contractors and employees
  • you will test effective methods that are used to motivate and engage people
  • you will learn to look at your organization in a holistic way, thanks to which it will be easier for you to diagnose “hot spots” and prevent problems before they appear
  • you will save time by receiving condensed knowledge in a pill.

A strategic view of the company
You will experience it by solving problems and challenges of an exemplary company.

Acceptance mechanism
You will take part in exciting negotiations with the workshop leaders in the hope that you will be able to win with them.

Setting goals
You will often ask yourself difficult questions that will help you determine the goals of the organization and your own.

Engaging people
You will acquire a skill that must be present in your company, even if you do not have it yourself.

You will take part in a psychological experiment that will shed new light on multitasking.

Time management
You will put filters on all your activities to make it easier to distinguish the important from the urgent. You will also learn how to plan tasks now to “have more time” in the future.

You will learn the 4 dimensions of trust and how to manage them.


  • 2-day workshops conducted by trainers – practitioners, each day for 8 hours of workshops with breaks
  • a small group of people with similar challenges,
  • training materials for each class,
  • the possibility of consulting with trainers during breaks, ending the training with the presentation of certificates,
  • catering (coffee breaks with cookies and lunch)

If you are interested, please contact j.kahl@spcleantech.com