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Workshop “A new generation of thermomodernization”

 |  Category: Events

On May 27, 2022, at the GIL Gallery of the Cracow University of Technology, the workshop “A new generation of thermomodernization of building stocks taking into account the improvement of the climate” was held, organized by a shareholder member of SPCleantech, the Małopolska Center for Construction-Energy-efficient together with the Center for the Improvement of Scientific Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Support in the organization and financing of the meeting was provided by another member of SPCleantech, Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej S.A. in Cracow.

The workshop “A new generation of building stock thermomodernization with a view to improving the climate” is part of the campaign for accessibility in the context of sustainable construction.

The project is organized as part of the project “Accessibility Hub – Center for Practical Accessibility Learning

The workshop began with welcoming the guests by Małgorzata Fedorczak-Cisak, Director of the Małopolska Center for Energy Efficient Construction, and prof. Marek Bomberg (Clarkson University) and the official opening by the Rector for General Affairs, Tomasz Kapecki.

The first part presents a new energy perspective from the perspective of Poland (Tomasz Gałązka, Department of Energy Efficiency in Buildings at the Low-Emission Economy Department of the Ministry of Development and Technology), Local Government (Grzegorz Grzybczyk, Department of Municipal Economy and Climate of the City of Krakow), eastern regions of Poland (Dr. Wiesław Sarosiek, the National Energy Conservation Agency) and Europe by Janusz Kahl – Honorary Consul of Denmark, Finland, Iceland in Małopolska, Silesia, Podkarpacie and Świętokrzyskie and the president of SPCleantech.

Janusz Kahl presented the latest initiative of the European Commission related to the renovation of building stock in the EU “Renovation wave” and “Plan for the modernization of buildings in Poland”.

Later in the meeting, prof. Mark Bomberg (Clarkson University). Tamás Bárkányi (BT & Sons Kft) then presented an innovative example of eco-friendly thermo-active technology (ETA) in an experimental building in Hungary. An example of the use of innovative coatings as an insulating layer was presented by Henryk Łoziczonek from the Małopolska Laboratorium Budownictwa Energooszczędnego.

Then Prof. Paweł Ocłoń from the Center for the Improvement of Scientific Research and Barbara Pietruszka from the Building Research Institute presented the tasks carried out in the projects “RESHeat”, “MzeroE”, “METABUILDINGS LABS”. The implementation of projects from the perspective of the entrepreneur was presented by Marek Czamara (RESHeat project) and Wiesław Mikołajczyk (Mobile, fold-out building structure MODEA-PACO).

At the end, the President of the City of Tarnów, Roman Ciepiela, presented activities aimed at increasing energy efficiency in the city of Tarnów.