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Conference “Smart City – innovative construction of the future”

 |  Category: Events

On May 26, 2022, SPCleantech took part in the conference “Smart City – innovative construction of the future”. One of the key topics of the conference was the question whether Krakow can be a “smart city” and can Poland, and in particular the Małopolskie Voivodeship, also boast innovative solutions in the field of construction and city management?

Apart from SPCleantech, the conference was attended by other cluster members such as: Horizone Studio and 5 out of 8 members of the ark UrbanHub Council: Janusz Kahl, Małgorzata Tomczyk, Krzysztof Goerlich, Bartłomiej Kisielewski and Tomasz Janowski.

During the event, the topics of innovation and new technologies as well as environmental protection in urban space and construction were discussed. The contemporaneity and future of urban space and infrastructure were also considered. Invited to the discussion were, inter alia, companies from Małopolska, such as Horizone Studio or Qmodular, which can boast of their contribution in terms of thinking about the renewal of the resources used, thinking about business in relational terms and, above all, long-term planning.

The meeting was opened by Maciej Jagaciak, futurist, Member of the Board of the Polish Society for the Study of the Future, introducing the topic of the city of the future. During the first discussion panel on ecological construction, we wondered what actually ecological construction is all about? What methods are used in new buildings to save on their later operation? Does it pay off? Among the invited experts, we also talked about the social aspect of eco-construction, its impact on the environment and savings resulting from such solutions.

The second conversation during the conference concerned an innovative city. Every year, there are more and more innovative solutions in cities that improve the energy efficiency of buildings and their functionality. An integrated building management system should complement modern building technologies. What distinguishes cheap, easy-to-maintain and modern house designs? Is it worth choosing an “intelligent house”?

The conference was addressed to representatives of business, universities and public institutions interested in innovation and developing cooperation with Małopolska. Representatives of business environment institutions and local governments dealing with business cooperation were also invited.