South Poland Cleantech Cluster

SPCleantech is very pleased to inform, that our application, submitted on the 26th February 2020 to the
EU Program, Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance, has been selected for EU co-funding.
Our proposal received 82/100 points and has been selected out of 216 eligible applications (30 have been selected in total). That’s a really good result!

The duration of the project will be 01/01/2021 – 31/12/2023. We must now keep our fingers crossed that the circumstances will allow us all to meet in person in Leipzig for our Kick-off meeting in January.

Title of the project is

“IMPACT / Building values-based innovation cultures for sustainable business impact”

with the vision of Envisioning the Future of Teaching and Training for Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

More information on: ERASMUS+ Knowledge Alliance

Cluster Management Bronze Label of the ECEI

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SPCleantech is applying for the Cluster Management Bronze Label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI). Cluster management organizations that are benchmarked demonstrate their interest in striving for excellence. For being benchmarking under the ESCA benchmarking approach by one of the ESCA experts cluster management organizations are awarded with the Bronze Label of the ECEI.

On 17.06.2016 a representative of ESCA, Jakub Karp has conducted an interview with CEO of SPCleantech, Janusz Kahl with the purpose of benchmarking the cluster. Each cluster is analyzed based on an interview of the cluster manager conducted by an impartial ESCA benchmarking expert. The interview took about 4.0 hours and was conducted at the premises of the cluster organization, NordicHouse in Krakow. The interview covers 36 indicators with regard to the structure of the cluster, the cluster management and the governance of the cluster, financing of the cluster management, services provided by the cluster management, contacts and interaction within the cluster and achievements and recognition of the cluster.

Results will be presented by an individual report to the cluster management and include also recommendations for further improvement in line with the requirements of the cluster quality label that is currently developed by the European Cluster Excellence Initiative.

The report (approx. 70 pages) will be presented in English language and will include:

  • A graphical comparison of the cluster with peer clusters from the same technology areas and with clusters from other areas;
  • An evaluation of the cluster’s strengths and weaknesses;
  • A comparison with the indicators on cluster management excellence according to the ‘European Cluster Excellence Initiative’ (see www.cluster-excellence.eufor further details);
  • Recommendations for improvement.

In addition to the report the cluster organization will be awarded with the Bronze Label certificate of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative for participating in benchmarking plus electronic files of the Bronze Label which can be used for their marketing and communication activities. The cluster organization will also be listed in a public database including all clusters that have participated in the exercise. Until now more than 800 cluster organizations from 40 countries have participated in the benchmarking. For an overview, please see the database at