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Clusters in the new programming perspective

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On the 23th of October 2014, South Poland Cleantech Cluster took part in the third meeting of the Round Table Committee “Cluster policy – National Dialogue – clusters in new programming perspective – trends supporting regional, national and transnational clusters from 2014-2020”, organized in the framework of the project CluStrat – “Boosting innovation through new cluster concepts in support of emerging issues and cross-Sectoral themes” that took place in Gliwice at the Education and Business Centre “New Gliwice”.

18 Project Partners “CluStrat” tried to answer the question “how emerging industries and cross-sectoral issues, clusters still can remain competitive?” Institutions from all over Central Europe will create a common strategy to increase innovation and competitiveness for the clusters in the region of Central Europe. “CluStrat” is a strategic project in the field of the EU Strategy for Central Europe, which will be published at the end of the project.

Project partners CluStrat initiated systematic political dialogue: Roundtable on Cluster policies at regional, national and transnational level. This dialogue includes the exchange of ideas, discussions and education of decision-makers at all levels of the development of new strategies and policy solutions – for the entire duration of the project.

The aim was to familiarize the participants with the directions of support the clusters at regional, national and transnational perspective in the new 2014 -2020 programming with an emphasis on clarifying any issues relating to the Key Clusters and international cooperation. Experts answered, among others, questions on what criteria should meet Key Clusters, which is gaining the status of a cluster with a key, and how to prepare the cluster for the new funding period.