SPCleantech organized on 27.02.2019 in cooperation with the Foundation FEWE from Katowice and the Association of Municipalities and Poviats of Małopolska a seminar “Lighting of public  building sand streets”. The aim of the seminar was to present a European project Premium Light Pro aimed at supporting the best solutions to improve energy efficiency in the field of LED lighting. It aims to find solutions and support the development of effective policies, so as to facilitate the implementation of effective new generation lighting systems.

The project concerns indoor and outdoor lighting in the private and public services sector. The project supports the development of energy-efficient lighting in the context of policy at the EU level, including the implementation of new eco-design and labeling solutions, the EPBD directive and other policy instruments. As part of our seminar, we focused on lighting public and street public buildings. Speakers, apart from the participants of the Premium Light Pro project, were SPCleantech members and partners who presented their solutions and products related to the topic. Innovative LED lighting technology in the private and public sector offers many opportunities for more efficient and high quality lighting systems. Modern LED solutions are based on optimized luminaires and advanced control systems that use daylight. In addition, modern LED lighting allows the use of advanced control systems that in an efficient and versatile way increases the potential for energy savings. Despite the extensive availability of technology, there are still relatively few policy measures implemented at European Union and national level that stimulate the survey and facilitate the use of optimized LED lighting systems. In addition, in the lighting system in the private and public sectors, most are old and ineffective technologies.