South Poland Cleantech Cluster

organizes in cooperation with

Małopolska Center for Energy-efficient Buildings (MCBE) of the Cracow University of Technology 
Center for Sustainable Development and Energy Conservation AGH in Miękinia


"Passive buildings and NZEB in single- and multi-family housing"

During the 1st day of the conference on 26.04.2018, at 10.00 - 14.00, "Kotłownia", Cracow University of Technology, ul. Warszawska 24, Kraków, you will learn what a passive house is, how to design it, what equipment to use and building materials.

On the 2nd day during the workshop on 27.04.2018, at 11.00 - 19.30, NordicHouse, ul. św. Anny 5, Kraków, you will learn about the methods of implementing facilities in the passive standard, components dedicated to passive construction, the most common executive errors or appropriate executive practices consistent with the current state of knowledge in various fields.

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Seminar “Patent for Success”

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SPCleantech participated on 05.04.2018 at the seminar “Patent for Success” organized by the cluster’s shareholder, Technology Transfer Center of the Cracow University of Technology together with the Patent Office regarding the broadly understood issues of intellectual property, with particular emphasis on industrial property objects.

The seminar was addressed in particular to representatives of the world of science, entrepreneurs, business environment representatives and proxies before the Patent Office.

The main purpose of the seminar was to explain the topic of intellectual property protection, in particular the possibilities of protection of inventions, utility models, industrial designs and trademarks on competitive markets.

Experts in an accessible way presented, among others, issues concerning the management of intangible assets at the university and in enterprises as well as the possibility of obtaining common rights to solutions emerging as part of cooperation between universities and enterprises.

The seminar took place at the Cracow University of Technology, Sala Konferencyjna Kotlownia, ul. Warszawska 24.

The great advantage of this event was the joint participation of various professional environments, especially representatives of universities and entrepreneurs, without which it is not possible to effectively commercialize intellectual property. The participants gained unique and practical knowledge also in the field of conducting searches in the world of technology and building protection strategies, as well as guidelines on protective procedures – national, regional and international, including the possibility of using a simplified path under Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) and proceedings before the Visegrad Patent Institute (WIP).

Knowledge about the above issues, especially in the area of ​​recent legal changes in the system of industrial property, is not widely available and has not been included in the previously published studies on the protection of intangible goods. The organized seminar was therefore an opportunity to obtain the latest knowledge, as well as to consult with the experts running individual thematic blocks, and also enabled the exchange of experience and familiarization with the practical aspects of the discussed issues.

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