South Poland Cleantech Cluster

SPCleantech is very pleased to inform, that our application, submitted on the 26th February 2020 to the
EU Program, Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance, has been selected for EU co-funding.
Our proposal received 82/100 points and has been selected out of 216 eligible applications (30 have been selected in total). That’s a really good result!

The duration of the project will be 01/01/2021 – 31/12/2023. We must now keep our fingers crossed that the circumstances will allow us all to meet in person in Leipzig for our Kick-off meeting in January.

Title of the project is

“IMPACT / Building values-based innovation cultures for sustainable business impact”

with the vision of Envisioning the Future of Teaching and Training for Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

More information on: ERASMUS+ Knowledge Alliance

6th expert workshop in Brussels

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On 22nd May 2019, SPCleantech partcipates in 6th expert workshop “Skills on Smart Industrial Specialisation and Digital Transformation” in Brussels. The ‘Skills for Smart Industrial Specialization and Digital Transformation (SIS&DT) project has been focusing its efforts on the development of specific solutions grouped by modules to guide stakeholder groups at all levels the operationalisation of the “Skills for Industry Strategy 2030”.

This sixth “concluding” workshop aims to have a final in depth discussion on the Skills for Industry Strategy 2030 and the accompanying implementation recommendations. Participants will be presented the key solutions developed and will subsequently be given the opportunity to directly share their feedback.

Key participants representing different stakeholder groups at all levels: Supranational, National, Regional, City, Cluster and Industry have been invited to collectively discuss the proposed recommendations structured under three main themes:

  • Finalise the solution that define and guide the implementation of the Vision – the Leadership&GovernanceSkills Strategy and Communication modules
  • Finalise the recommendations on financing a massive EU skills effort – the Funding and Incentives modules
  • Last but not least define solutions for growing a competitive talent pool for Europe’s industry – namely the Talent detection and nurturing, Accelerated world class curriculum, Industry led  training infrastructures and Quality-led EU-wide VET modules.

On behalf of the European Commission (the Directorate General for Internal Market Industry Entrepreneurship and SME) the Executive Agency for Small and Medium sized Enterprises (EASME) has launched a two year project aimed at developing a common vision towards 2030 and supporting actions in the form of a toolbox boosting high-tech skills development for smart industrial specialisation and digital transformation. Professionals with high-tech skills have the potential to serve the growing needs created by smart industrial specialisation and digital transformation and to offer a solid foundation for tomorrow’s worker.

The competitiveness of industry is highly dependent on the knowledge and skills competencies and creativity of its workforce. It is widely recognised in industry that potential shortages and gaps in skills development combined with mismatches between labour supply and demand directly harm job creation. The Fourth Industrial Revolution brings major disruption to the scale at which upskilling and reskilling efforts currently take place and is therefore likely to widen these potential gaps. Moreover it is likely that advanced economies characterised by large consumer markets such as the European Union (EU) will be confronted with the highest skills mismatches.

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