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SPCleantech is co-founder of European Alliance for Cross- Industrial Circular Economy Investments (ICEI Alliance) consisting of European clusters and universities. During 2020-2021 there have been held meetings to prepare the establishment of the European Alliance for Cross- Industrial Circular Economy Investments, hosted by the Circular Economy Centre at Digipolis, Kemi, Finland.

The Alliance has for ambition to make Europe the global industrial circular economy platform to accelerate the deployment of world-class circular economy solutions to industry. It acts as a pipeline of business-led circular economy investment projects. Alliance members support businesses with the structuring of their investment cases as well as with accessing funding and financing streams.

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Welcome to the new member – JS Consulting

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We welcome a new member of SPCleantech, a consulting company JS Consulting with which SPCleantech has been cooperating for a long time. JS Consulting specializes in writing applications for EU funds and NCBiR as well as managing the funds granted. The services of the company were successfully used by many members of SPCleantech.

The scope of JS Consulting’s activities includes obtaining public aid as part of EU funds for research and development and implementation projects. The company provides professional service covering all stages of the grant application process. It helps in the comprehensive implementation of investments:

from the concept phase (identification of potential and analysis of development opportunities),
through the implementation stage (including cooperation with relevant scientific units, including: AGH University of Science and Technology, Warsaw University of Technology, Rzeszów University of Technology, Wrocław University of Technology, Kraków University of Technology, Poznań University of Technology, University of Warsaw, Jagiellonian University),
until the end of the project and complete settlement.
In addition to activities related strictly to obtaining external financing, JS Consulting specializes in the following areas:

  • management of research and development and implementation projects (Certificate: IPMA Certified Project Management Associate),
  • development, implementation and improvement of plans for research and development projects and implementation of enterprises,
  • support for task teams of enterprises in the implementation of strategic research and development and implementation projects,
  • identification of long-term goals of companies in the context of obtaining external financing based on market analyzes in cooperation with R&D departments and scientific units,
  • recommendations of directions and strategies for the development of enterprises,
  • improving the efficiency of business processes,
  • market environment research.

Additional scope of activities:

  • ongoing project service, consulting in the implementation of project activities, support for the project task team,
  • coordinating matters related to patent protection, monitoring of the emerging IP,
  • handling matters related to the timely production of technical documentation,
  • market monitoring, searching for stakeholders,
  • coordination of purchases, procedures related to inquiries and tenders,
  • ensuring the timely implementation of tasks,
  • preparation of templates of project documentation, applications for payment and reports on the implementation of the Project, preparation of templates of invoice descriptions and information for the accounting department,
  • verification of project documentation, contracts, invoices and payments in terms of their compliance with the Operational Program procedures