Start-ups in REVITA Park, Katowice

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Pre Acceleration Point SPCleantech organized on 16.11.2016 together with REVITA Park in Katowice workshop for start-ups, “You also have an idea for a start-up, but do not know how to realize it?” from the series “Do you want to be a start-up?”.

How to achieve a success as a start-up innovators have learned at the workshop organized by Pre Accelerator Point in South Poland Cleantech Cluster in cooperation with REVITA Park in Katowice.

Industry and Technology Park REVITA Park located in the former Huta Baildon in Katowice at ul. Żelazowa has for many years been a platform for the flow of knowledge and technology between scientific institutions and entrepreneurs. Park allows you to build investor relations between businesses and universities, research institutions through active participation in trainings, conferences and thematic forums held in REVITA Park. The park created conditions to provide financial support for new investment, including the EU funds. Furthermore, it launched modern laboratory conducting testing and certification of land areas, water quality testing and research classification of waste.

The creation of a platform of knowledge on innovation and modern technology in the form of Industrial and Technological Park REVIATA Park contributed to an increase in the number of innovative enterprises in the region.

Pre Accelerator Pont in South Poland Cleantech Cluster builds and supports the development of active start-up environment, especially for start-ups in the early stages of developing the idea and business models. The aim of the workshop was to empower young innovators by providing them with valuable tools and information needed to implement innovative ideas.

During the workshop conducted by SPCleantech learned about:

  • what is a start-up?
  • how to find the first customer?
  • how to create a business model?
  • what creates value for the customer?
  • what is the MVP-Minimum Viable Product?
  • how to present your start-up to investors?
  • how to get financing?
  • how to achieve success?