Seminar for MSP

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SPCleantech participated in Summer Academy of Business 2016 Enterprise Europe Network: the meeting IV “Environmental Technology Verification (EU ETV) as support for small and medium companies regarding the effective implementation on the market of innovative solutions” on 21.07.20016 in Katowice.

The meeting was held on 21.07.20016 in Conference Centre of the Faculty of Theology University of Silesia at 18 Jordana street in Katowice at 12 – 15.30.

Implementation of eco-innovative technologies presents a challenge both for their suppliers and buyers. Except the price criterion the investors in fear of too much risk investment, take into account primarily credibility of the solutions. It can be confirmed by earlier implementations of the technologies. However, in the case of innovative solutions, which are before the introduction to the market, fulfillment of the second condition can be a serious obstacle.

The purpose of the meeting was the transmission of practical knowledge about possibilities for obtaining the Verification Certificate in Poland within the Pilot Program for Environmental Technology Verification in European Union (EU ETV) and getting information about funding for innovation activities including verification ETV.

The meeting addressed:

  • MSP looking for effective support for the implementation of the eco-innovative technology, product or process in the area of water and sewage, energy technologies and waste management.
  • MSP focused on internationalization of the economic activity, brand building and building a competitive advantage, which have eco-innovative solutions in the above mentioned technology areas in their possession.
  • Consortiums implementing projects within f.ex. programs: “Demonstrator” or “Fast track” interested in supporting the implementation of eco-innovative technologies.