Innovation, Financing, Science, Development

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On October 26, 2016 SPCleantech participated in a conference organized by the Lewiatan Confederation “Innovation, Financing, Science, Development – Business Voice of 2017” at the Park Inn Hotel in Krakow.

Building a stable position on the market, increasing its value requires the introduction of innovative technologies, services and research and development programs. Strong competition in markets, dynamic business environment is a challenge for entrepreneurs to constantly change and adapt companies to new conditions. The modern economy must focus on innovation, research and development and increasing the competitiveness of enterprises. To do this, you need to invest, and this requires finding the right programs and funding sources. Capital institutions, foundations and businesses from the business environment offer new opportunities in this area, which you can use, and certainly worth knowing about. The current budgetary perspective of 2014-2020 is to support € 15 billion in support of innovative technology, R & D (R & D) projects.