South Poland Cleantech Cluster

Janusz Kahl, CEO in South Poland Cleantech Cluster has been chosen by the European Commission as member of the Steering Committee for the project

„Skills for smart industrial specialization and digital transformation (SIS&DT)”

for Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) acting under the powers delegated by the European Commission EASME / DG GROW, which has been granted to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in Luxembourg.

EASME is the largest EU agency managing, among others, EU funds from the HORIZON 2020, COSME, LIFE and ERASMUS+ programs.

The main goal of the task is to work out:

EU 2030 Common Vision on High-tech skills for SIS&DT

Members of the Steering Committee are responsible for:

  • monitoring of the work and reviews of reports developed by PwC
  • meetings in Brussels with EASME and the European Commission to review progress and discuss the preparation of periodic reports, which should be approved by the Steering Committee
  • participating in teleconferences
  • providing advice and guidance during the work

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The Pearl of Krakow

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On 18.10.2018, the president of SPCleantech, Janusz Kahl presented the prize in the competition for the best housing investment in Krakow “Perła Krakowa” in MOCAK – Museum of Contemporary Art. In the current edition, the Chapter decided also to distinguish investments during implementation.

The Pearl of Krakow – City for Citizens is a unique competition promoting a new quality in architecture, emphasizing such values ​​as: green surroundings, attention to the common space, facilities for children, the elderly and the disabled. Innovative solutions, i.e. the so-called “smart home”, are important.

The most important idea behind the creators and the competition chapter is to highlight developer investments that are as user-friendly as possible. The prizes are awarded in several categories, and the most important is the comfort of future residents. All developers’ initiatives for the quality of life are important. The chapter checks the quality of plantings, their coherence with the internal space of the estate and the details of small architecture. Energy saving devices such as recuperation, solar panels and thermal insulation systems are increasingly used. Smart home functions support building management systems and have an increasing impact on our safety by effectively replacing fences and fences. Solutions, which a few years ago bear the hallmarks of luxury, due to the greater requirements of buyers are becoming a standard.