South Poland Cleantech Cluster

SPCleantech is very pleased to inform, that our application, submitted on the 26th February 2020 to the
EU Program, Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance, has been selected for EU co-funding.
Our proposal received 82/100 points and has been selected out of 216 eligible applications (30 have been selected in total). That’s a really good result!

The duration of the project will be 01/01/2021 – 31/12/2023. We must now keep our fingers crossed that the circumstances will allow us all to meet in person in Leipzig for our Kick-off meeting in January.

Title of the project is

“IMPACT / Building values-based innovation cultures for sustainable business impact”

with the vision of Envisioning the Future of Teaching and Training for Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

More information on: ERASMUS+ Knowledge Alliance

Partnership with Clean Cluster, Copenhagen

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On 28.09.2018 SPCleantech entered into partnership with one of the strongest cleantech clusters in EU, Clean from Copenhagen, DK. During the meeting in Copenhagen (DK) with participation of Janusz Kahl, Martin (SPCleantech Copenhagen), Dominik from Horizon Studio (member of SPCleantech) and Carsten Orth Gaarn-Jensen, CEO in Clean Cluster partners agreed on closer cooperation in the field of cleantech. 

Promoting green growth and employment in Denmark

Clean Clusters main objective is to support the green transition to create growth, innovation and increased turnovers for our member companies. They do this by developing, testing and implementing new green solutions in strong partnerships; solutions that will solve societal challenges related to climate and environment.

CLEAN acts as the main entry point for concrete business opportunities in Danish cleantech. Cluster can provide international stakeholders with an overview of the Danish cleantech market, interesting projects and connections to key players.

With point of departure in the core strengths of the Danish cleantech eco-system, CLEAN’s projects and activities aim at:
  • Strengthening innovation and technology development in large as well as small and medium-sized cleantech companies
  • Supporting research, development and implementation of new green solutions that address climate and environmental challenges
  • Increasing the international focus on Danish cleantech, especially by promoting export of integrated solutions
CLEAN operates on the basis of a unique innovation model that turns vast societal challenges into new business opportunities. These demand-driven innovation platforms give way to sustainable solutions for the benefit of our members and society in general.
Short history
The result of a merger between the two national cluster organisations, Lean Energy Cluster and Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster, CLEAN is Denmark’s leading green cluster organisation with more than 170 members from the entire cleantech sector. We are a politically and technologically neutral platform where domestic and foreign companies, knowledge institutions and public authorities exchange knowledge and enter into new partnerships. This happens across industry boundaries as well as across the public and private sectors. The broad foundation of partners ensures that the initiative embraces the entire value chain.
Clean together with office in London-secretariat for C40

C40 is a network of the world’s megacities committed to addressing climate change. C40 supports cities to collaborate effectively, share knowledge and drive meaningful, measurable and sustainable action on climate.

Clean-secretariat for International Cleantech Network (ICN)

C40, CLEAN (the Danish cleantech cluster) and ICN (the global network of cleantech clusters) have launched a forum for engagement between innovative private sector solutions providers and megacities with complex challenges. This platform of co-creation is to accelerate the implementation of high quality sustainable solutions in cities through project focused engagement and partnerships between public and private sectors.