South Poland Cleantech Cluster

Janusz Kahl, CEO in South Poland Cleantech Cluster has been chosen by the European Commission as member of the Steering Committee for the project

„Skills for smart industrial specialization and digital transformation (SIS&DT)”

for Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) acting under the powers delegated by the European Commission EASME / DG GROW, which has been granted to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in Luxembourg.

EASME is the largest EU agency managing, among others, EU funds from the HORIZON 2020, COSME, LIFE and ERASMUS+ programs.

The main goal of the task is to work out:

EU 2030 Common Vision on High-tech skills for SIS&DT

Members of the Steering Committee are responsible for:

  • monitoring of the work and reviews of reports developed by PwC
  • meetings in Brussels with EASME and the European Commission to review progress and discuss the preparation of periodic reports, which should be approved by the Steering Committee
  • participating in teleconferences
  • providing advice and guidance during the work

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New meeting in VR, AR and MR platform

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On September 18, 2019, another meeting was held at the SPCleantech headquarters as part of the VR, AR and MR platform meetings. During monthly meetings, individual members of the platform present the activities of their companies. At the beginning of the meeting, Agnieszka from Na Niby Studio presented the company’s activities along with many examples of projects carried out, including for foreign partners. Agnieszka told about the company’s development plans and goals for the coming years. More information about Na Niby Studio can be found at

Then Karolina from SPCleantech presented plans related to the application for funds from the Regional Operational Program (RPO) under sub-measure 3.3.1 Economic promotion of Małopolska. SPCleantech plans apply for funding for projects for the second time to increase the international activity of SMEs and cluster members of Małopolska. Karolina presented the members with the funding and what opportunities it gives them. One can apply for funding for the organization of foreign economic missions of Małopolska entrepreneurs, organization of conferences, fairs, congresses, networking with foreign partners, trips to foreign industry fairs, organization of events promoting Małopolska as a region friendly for undertaking innovative initiatives, support for commercialization of innovative ideas and solutions technology in Małopolska and to promote innovation by strengthening cooperation on the science-business line. After the presentation, an interesting discussion about the application developed, and the Cluster members presented their ideas. Attached is a brief presentation of Karolina (in Polish).

In the further part of the meeting we talked about plans for further meetings of the VR, AR and MR platform, and about organizing meetings with special guests (Business Guest Speakers) and Business Mixers.

Konrad in cooperation with Łukasz committed to prepare a survey using which cluster members will have the opportunity to actively participate in organizing cooperation and meetings.

We have also decided to invite thematically interesting guest speakers and people who can contribute to wider business contacts of SPCleantech members.

Prezentacja 3.3.1