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Life Science Cluster-Christmas meeting

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The Klaster LifeScience Krakow Foundation invited to a meeting entitled “How to start StartUp, Wafer and Wine – Christmas Cluster meeting”, which took place on December 19, 2018, hours 17: 00-19: 00 at NordicHouse on św. Anny 5 in Kraków.

Last in 2018, the Cluster’s open meeting in the StartUp Scene series was devoted to a summary of topics, whose common denominator were the problems that new business ventures are based on innovative ideas.

In 2018, we had the opportunity to meet with experts who shared their experiences and presented ideas for solving some problems and needs:

  1. Too few good examples – the need to learn from success people, representatives of companies that have achieved global success;
  2. Poor contact with funds – the need to establish direct relationships with investors: “business angels”, Seed Funds and VC, who know the industry, the market, barriers and opportunities, because they have already gone this route;
  3. Small skills and experience in promoting the idea of ​​startups – the need to develop competence in the field of presenting the business idea;
  4. Too late starting a business – the need for early preparation to start a business well before the actual activity;
  5. Lack of marketing skills, including in particular sales skills – the need to develop awareness and competence in marketing and sales;
  6. Lack of resources to start – the need to develop contacts and the ability to acquire resources for the development of an idea or business;
  7. Too many ideas detached from market realities – the need to verify ideas in relation to the real needs of potential users.

We invited you for a nice, casual evening, with a small but delicious treat, in excellent company and the prospect of new experiences and beneficial contacts.

In networking meetings, however, the most important thing is how many people have managed to find a common language, topic or shared vision. Therefore, the summary of the annual program is just a pretext and background for talks. Besides, Saints are coming, so it’s worth taking advantage of this atmosphere and the mood for renewing old ones and making new acquaintances.