Interregional cooperation

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On 23th October 2015, Janusz Kahl and Alexander Jastrząbek from SPCleantech met with representatives of the Marshal’s Office of the Małopolska Voivodeship. The talks focused on cooperation between Cleantech clusters, institutions and companies in the regions with which UMWM signed the Agreement on Interregional Cooperation.

The meeting was attended by the director in Marshall’s Office – David Puszko – responsible, among others, for international cooperation, Joanna Wilkońska – coordinator of international cooperation with France, Magdalena Jaskowska – coordinator of international cooperation with Romania and Slovakia, George Fugas – coordinator of international cooperation with Sweden and Austria, and Rafał Kocot – coordinator of international cooperation with Germany.

At the last meeting of the Steering Committee for Cooperation with the Rhone-Alpes region in September 2015, SPCleantech was approved as an official partner of the Cleantech cluster in Lyon (Rhone-Alpes) in France. Similar efforts are being made by the regional authorities of the Region of Małopolska relative to other cooperating regions in Germany, Austria, Spain, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Ukraine.

SPCleantech is interested in cooperating with other clusters, institutions and companies from these regions in order to implement joint projects aimed at building brand and strengthening the economic potential of the Southern Poland by supporting the implementation of innovation, especially in SMEs.