Cooperation with Carbon Footprint Foundation

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On 25.02.2020, SPCleantech established cooperation with the foundation founded by a cluster member, Columbus Energy, the Carbon Footprint Foundation. Founded at the beginning of 2019, the foundation is a response to the ecological and climate challenges facing the world. It works to build social awareness through numerous educational projects. By cooperating with other non-governmental organizations, responsible business and state institutions, the foundation co-creates a platform for the exchange of experiences. The foundation’s mission is to build a community of conscious people who will leave a good footprint! The scope and purpose of the foundation’s activities coincide perfectly with the goals of SPCleantech and that is why we look forward to close cooperation and joint projects in the future.

The Foundation plans the following activities:

  • Giving ecological certificates to products and services
  • Education in increasing ecological awareness
  • Carbon footprint workshops
  • On-line and off-line content publication

World of renewable energy

The Foundation runs an information and educational portal dedicated to renewable energy sources and ecology. Industry news, electromobility, high-energy construction and econews are everyday life that the foundation shares with a group of around 80,000 readers per month.

Carbon Footprint Summit 2020

The Foundation creates the largest international ecological event in Central and Eastern Europe – Carbon Footprint Summit 2020. It is a space for meeting inventors, activists and business to Saving The Earth Together.

Ecological education

The foundation organizes educational projects increasing ecological awareness among youth and adults, experts run workshops on the carbon footprint throughout Poland.

The foundation is developing one of the most accurate carbon footprint calculators available.

The Foundation cooperates with business caring for the environment and climate in implementing sustainable solutions inside the company and for local communities. One of the goals is to specify standards and issue ecological certificates for products and services.

The most important initiative of the Carbon Footprint Foundation in the 2020 Summit in Krakow.