South Poland Cleantech Cluster

organizes a seminar in cooperation with SGiPM

"Healthy building = healthy residents = a healthy city.
The healing role of architecture in public buildings "

Date: 01.03.2018, at 10.00 -14.00
Place: SGiPM, ul. Grodzka 15, Kraków

During the seminar, members of the cluster and other specialists will explain the legal status for today and for the coming years, many examples of passive and near-zero energy construction will be presented, as well as examples of public-private partnership (PPP) in public construction.

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South Poland Cleantech Cluster 

organizes another networking session for start-ups

"What start-ups need Business Angels for? How to get them?"

Date: Tuesday, 27.02.2018, at 18.00 - ??
Place: NordicHouse, ul. św. Anny 5, Krakow
Registration takes place by buying a free ticket for: business angels

During the activities of most start-ups, a moment arises in which the so-called bootstrapping, or basing development on own resources, is not enough for effective business development. Inability to obtain external financing and lack of own funds creates a barrier called the capital gap. A remedy for this problem may be cooperation with the Business Angels. Angel's support, however, is not just cash. It's also called smart money, or experience, a network of business contacts, managerial knowledge or know-how.

You will learn about the pros and cons of working with business angels at the next networking meeting.

Special guest:
Jacek Kubrak, business angel, investor, creator of innovative projects and technological solutions

Conference for SME

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SPCleantech participated on 08.01.2018 in a conference for representatives of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises at the XI meeting Fri IATI Monday Business Meeting (IATI MBM) regarding the SPIN Project in Małopolska organized in cooperation with the Institute for Mineral Resources and Energy PAN and the Marshal’s Office of the Malopolska Region. 

The purpose of the meeting was:

  • making it possible to establish and strengthen cooperation between scientists and entrepreneurs
  • to familiarize participants with the current offer of Knowledge Transfer Centers as part of the SPIN 2.0 project
  • presenting innovative services for entrepreneurs by business environment institutions operating at universities
  • presentation of the benefits of R & D cooperation (good practices based on entrepreneurs using CTW services)