Conference at the Cracow University of Technology

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On 26.03.2015 SPCleantech participated in the conference ” Malopolska Certificate of Energy-Efficiency in Construction”, which was held at the Cracow  University of Technology. The main theme of the conference was presentation of guidelines relating to the granting of the Certificate, which was developed by Malopolska Center for Energy-Efficient Construction, Cracow University of Technology, Malopolska Laboratory of Building Energy-Efficiency, the Polish National Energy Conservation Agency and the Institute of Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute of Polish Academy of Sciences. Scientists and experts took into account regional climatic conditions and established guidelines to be met by such buildings to be considered as energy efficient.

MCBE PK certificate is the first developed in Poland, certifying energy efficient buildings, that meet the assumptions of nearly zero-energy, the implementation of which is required in Poland by EU directives.

Poland and the other Member States have until 31.12.2020 to implement such  construction standards. Companies and Investors in Malopolska designing and constructing buildings, that receive the Certificate of MCBE have a chance to be a leader of European trends in energy efficient construction.

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